Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean in the Time of COVID-19


Are you aware of the transmission of COVID-19, which is occurring by getting into close contact with an infected person? Doctors suggest that you should stay at least two meters away from each other. It is sometimes possible that you can also get infected by just touching surfaces that have been infected. As such, it is always prudent to wash your hands frequently.

When you touch your respiratory parts like mouth, nose or eyes with your contaminated hands, you probably get infected by COVID-19.  Hence, you should clean your home objects and surfaces in such a way that you stay safe. Do you know that the amount of virus on any surfaces is alive for around 24 hours? As a result, it is good to sanitize all the objects in your house in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission?

How many times should you clean your house?

So as we are all aware, people are learning to maintain social distance as per the guidance. Besides, you also need to clean your house regularly. It is important to take special care of your kitchen surfaces and objects. So, it is advised to clean your house using a sanitizer more frequently than ever before.

Even normal cleaning techniques can kill the COVID-19 virus, but it is good to use a disinfectant when cleaning the infected person’s contacted surfaces, but use disposable cloth materials and throw away the mop after using. Nowadays people cannot live without a phone, so it is important to sanitize your phone frequently.

The disinfection of mobile phones is quite essentials as it is regularly touched. The most recommended tip is to get wet lint-free cloth, add some soap and wipe out your phone. Soap is essential because it will cause the virus to break down. Food packages being delivered to your house need to be cleaned too. The food agency says that COVID-19 is not transmitted via food packaging while few reports say that there is some degree to which it can be contaminated.

The first thing that you should do with the packaging once you have opened your parcel is to dispose it in the dustbin and wash your hands deeply for at least 20 seconds using the soap and water. But do COVID-19 live on people’s clothes? The answer is yes, but no worries, that can be removed by normal washing, so wash the items as per the instructions.

Use warm water if possible.

Washing your clothes with warm water can also play an important rule in ensuring that you are safe from the virus. You also need to maintain social distance and remain two meters far away from each other.

If anyone in your house shows some symptoms of COVID-19 virus, they should get self-isolation on the spot. It is also important to sanitize your house using a reputable disinfectant after doubting that there may be some traces of the virus. As such, it is good that you maintain total cleanliness, reduce movements and maintain social distance.

Written by: Alexanderwoods1

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